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ZoLO•oolo Lite Creative Play Sculpture. Entertaining game play. Educational shape activity. Creative learning for kids, parents, preschool, babies, all ages. Gender neutral. Free

4.4 ( 544 ratings )
Gry Edukacja Edukacyjne Układanki
Desenvolvedor: UZU Ltd

Immerse yourself into the realm of creativity, fun, spontaneity and imagination with ZoLO, a wildly creative and inventively educational game!

Now with the ZoLO•oolo Lite app, there’s a new way to experience the same open-ended and creativity-inspiring art tool as the original 3-dimensional ZoLO playsculpture toy. It’s a great educational activity game, imagination-booster, and inspiring way to introduce a wide palette of colors, variety of shapes and patterns to babies, preschoolers, and kids of all ages. It’s everything you can imagine!

Creativity, key to a child’s mental development and social skills, is one of the key benefits of ZoLO. It provides children with the possibility to express their ideas and feelings. Most importantly, creativity encourages children to discover and get touch with their true selves, to unleash dreams, talents, and to
embrace their individuality.

The real essence of creativity is much more than making, writing, or painting something. Creativity involves ideas, interpretations, and decision-making, that are all part of a process equally as important as the end result. Even very young children are able to express their creativity through games and activities like those that they can do with ZoLO — such as coloring, playing with shapes, and building or creating figures.

With ZoLO•oolo Lite, creative play becomes a game of discovery and joy. There are no wrong choices or illogical outcomes. Everyone who experiences this creative game becomes a unique artist and creator!

ZoLO•oolo Lite is easy to navigate, and offers a wide variety of colors, patterns, and shapes for creating anything your imagination allows. It also allows you the opportunity to save and share your creations with friends. These wonderful features make learning even more appealing and user-friendly. Zolo•oolo cultivates playfulness, stimulates creative learning and out-of-the-box thinking to help develop problem-solving skills. ZoLO•oolo Lite is a great way for parents to connect with kids. As a creative activity it can help open up a dialogue or to just spend quality time together. Everybody of all ages can enjoy the ZoLO•oolo Lite app game. Based on the idea of developing creativity, this learning game is also fun and offers an amazing end product applicable for all age groups. ZoLO•oolo Lite is a great choice if you would like to have an all in one: learning, educational, adventurous and creative game for babies and kids of all ages. Don’t forget to play!

Great baby learning game:
I can see how this learning game is perfect for my baby’s development. The bright colors, shapes, patterns and simple animation make it really fun and involving. It is a bit like puzzle game, but requires more imagination then a puzzle. My son loves it!

An Amazingly Creative Game for Babies and Kids:
Boosts creativity, curiosity and learning! Very attractive design, large selection of shapes. Perfect game for babies and kids. Transforms each creating process into small adventure. My both kids love it when I start this app. I really like making art on it too.

One of the Best Baby Shape Games:
Great learning toy for babies. Helps to learn about colors, shapes and patterns in an easy and fun way. Encourages initiative, creativity and learning. Reminds a little of a shape or puzzle game, but with more room for creativity and imagination.

Create and Learn with ZoLO Game:
A unique learning and educational game for kids. Designed to foster creativity and make this educational shape building game an adventure. Great for children of all age groups.

A quality app that does more than just occupy, it encourages kids to think, ponder, create and dream -

ZoLO is a fun app full of creative possibilities. Artists young and old will enjoy manipulating shapes to create images straight from the imagination and reuse it again and again –